About Us


On December 27th 2012, I was asked by my personal doctor as I lie on my death bed, Do you wanna live or die ? My reply to that question is the creation the world know as Funk Betty. After being discharged from the hospital because of brain homage ( stoke and two seizures ) on December 30th 2012, I promised myself to be spiritually, mentally, physically clean, and create a brand that symbolizes in second chances. 

Not only have I've been sober since, I took this vision in mind on creating a collection of fashion products from  comfortable shoes to breathable t-shirts for women, men, youth, and pets every season. Not only will Funk Betty design itself with fashion but will also donate to random charities, and youth programs as a celebration of my sobriety thought-out the year.

Hopefully shopping at Funk Betty will help find apparel that fits and feel great leading to some of the profits aiding to a beautiful cause for a bright future.

- Ronald Anderson, founder of Funk Betty.